• Space vs. Place

    After a good discussion with Adrienne, we’re looking to explore definitions of Place and of Space.

    Moving image and time-based art as ways through which we explore the experiences of Place and Space. The relationships themeselves between people do not change through a medium such as Skype, but our perceptions of that relationship can change. On the phone, we are not aware of another person’s space at all. We are just hearing sounds go into our ears and have no connection to their body, their place. On Skype, one can see the place that the other pperson is exisiting in, but we aren’t really that much more aware of how the other person is existing in that space.

    We haven’t marked the enveronment of Skype as a place or space yet or of peoples awareness to either. I am aware the place in which certain people exist (through Skype) because I want to be there as well.

    Place is political. Space is phenomenological. We want to bring the person on the other end (of the line) into the awreness of the space and place.

    How do we bring splace and space together? And what is the difference between the two?

    From a geographical standpoint:

    “Space is something abstract, without any substantial meaning. While place refers to how people are aware of/attracted to a certain piece of space. A place can be seen as space that has a meaning. The underlying theory for this way of thinking is the phenomenology, which tries to find the essential features of experiences in the direct and indirect experiences.”

    “‘Space’ can be described as a location which has no social connections for a human being. No value has been added to this space. ”

    “‘Place’ is in contrary more than just a location and can be described as a location created by human experiences. ” [SOURCE]

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