• Whitewater/Santa Cruz – 30 April, 2015

    no direction;open space

    directed walking

    • Should there be people in the shot?
    • What kind of movement, if any?
    • Hear off-camera remarks and instructions?
    • photobooth = mirror ; skype = window

    different ways to shoot this:

    1. Dani shoot screen with Ext. camera
    2. Two people shoot screens with exterior camera
    3. Bodies in frame/ not in frame?
    4. Rec: of desktops from computer
    • Nothing stereoscopic looking at the screen; therefore, not real-feeling
    • PIP makes us aware that we are looking at Skype
    • Do we need to know this is Skype?
    • Call and response
    • Hit home the simultaneity of the actions
    • Is there an index to a screenshot? If so, what is it?

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