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Space vs. Place

After a good discussion with Adrienne, we’re looking to explore definitions of Place and of Space. Moving image and time-based art as ways through which we explore the experiences of Place and Space. The relationships themeselves between people do not change through a medium such as Skype, but our perceptions of that relationship can change. […]

St. Louis/Santa Cruz – May 1st, 2015

Two cameras looking at one another through Skype. How would this be seen? ocillating between the two videos edited side by side within the same frame played on different monitors within an art space I haven’t read much Castells, but he writes about “the material arrangements that allows for simultaneity of social practices without territorial […]

Whitewater/Santa Cruz – 30 April, 2015

no direction;open space directed walking Should there be people in the shot? What kind of movement, if any? Hear off-camera remarks and instructions? photobooth = mirror ; skype = window different ways to shoot this: Dani shoot screen with Ext. camera Two people shoot screens with exterior camera Bodies in frame/ not in frame? Rec: […]